Sherlocdk Holmes

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story: Jack the Ripper kills again -Chapter 3-:

In the night, when the plan ok Sherlock Holmes, was being, there were a lot of policeman, but the murder don't appeared. They wait a week, because they know, that the murder kills ,waits a week to rip some poor women.

In this other attempt, to catch the murder, Holmes and Watson, waked through the streets of Whitechapel. They were chasing Jack, according to Holmes. Suddenly, they were walking in a lane. Holmes say Watson that he must go to Lestrade, while he is chasing "Moriarty". But Watson dont do that, and he followed Holmes. He saw that he, change his appearance, and go with a woman, and a man in the back. He follewed him, to a house, because, he think that it was a trap of Moriarty to kill Holmes. He fell asleep, when he was watch Holmes. When he woke up, he saw, that Holmes, was ripping the woman

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