Photo of Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

Summary of Chapter: Jack the ripper kills againEdit

Sherlock Holmes and watson were going to whitechapel to catch Jack the ripper. They passed through a street full of persons, then they went to a dark corner. They saw a person and they thought that was Professor Moriarty. Inmediatly, Holmes said to Watson "go and say this to Lestrade". Holmes folowwed "moriarty" but watson didn´t went to say to Lestrade. His Instinct said to him that he needed to protect Holmes, so he followed him. Holmes didn´t follow "moriarty" after a while and he entered a house. After a while he got out of the house with very good clothes. Holmes went with a woman to a yard. Holmes Kissed the woman, who was drunk. Watson stayed watching from outside and after a while he felt asleep. When he woke up, he saw Holmes cutting up the body of the woman, and as he cutted up the body, he was singing.